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In these wildly unpredictable times, you must find and follow your Sacred Self.


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Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites Global Summit

Kim Hughes Sacred Self interview, among others!

June 1 -5

Dear Friends,

I’ve been interviewed as part of a cool free online Global Summit, coming up the first week in June!   

Please read more about it below, and join us if you are Called!

Ancient Sacred Sites can be found all over the world.  What happens to us when we enter these sacred places? Have you ever experienced a heightened sense of sacredness when visiting Sacred Sites?

When we encounter special places in nature or ancient sacred sites, there is an energetic vibrational pull related to our Soul’s Purpose. Could this energetic pull act as a portal to help us open, clarify, and deepen our awareness of our spiritual purpose?

If these questions intrigue you, join me for:

 Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites: Portals to Spiritual Awakening and Finding Your Heart’s Desire.


During this global conference, I will be speaking in this amazing event with 21 other presenters who follow their own sacred paths to awakening and transformation. Together we will explore the sacred and find ways to re-discover our true heart’s desire.

Click here to learn more & register.

During Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites, you’ll hear from 22 teachers, healers, leaders, shamans, and wisdomkeepers including Jocelyn Mercado, Suzannah Tebbe Davis, Kedar Brown, Tayria Ward, Aingael Rose, me, and many others.

This transformational event is FREE to all registered attendees. You do need to RSVP, in order to receive the joining instructions and to be included when replays are sent out.

The event begins June 1. Each day 4 to 5 speakers will be available. And you can watch the replays at your convenience for a limited time. Details will be included when you register.

Simply click here to register today, and join us for the presentations starting on June 1 in Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites: Portals to Spiritual Awakening and Finding Your Heart’s Desire.

This event is designed for those who are ready to more deeply remember their Soul’s Journey … to step into their next Awakening.

Your heart has been longing to guide you even further toward your purpose and highest potential.


Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites Portals to Spiritual Awakening and Finding Your Heart’s Desire Produced by Peggy Moore June 1 to 5, 2020 Register Now


My particular interview is called Accessing Your Sacred Self.  Of course I believe that our own Sacred Selves are the most Sacred Sites on the planet!  How to access that magnificence?