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We have become disconnected from our true spiritual selves and inner guidance systems.


Soul Mentor, Counselor, channeler and Coach

Kimberly Hughes

M.S.Ed., CHt, C.I.R.S.

“You are never alone. We all have within us a unique Sacred Self, an inner guidance system, like a diamond with inner light shining through each facet.  Connect with your Sacred Self!

At this time in history, we humans have a huge opportunity to evolve our collective consciousness to the frequencies of unconditional love.  Your Sacred Self leads you on in truth, power, and joy. 

I can help you connect.  Click below for more of my story.”

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Sacred Self

Feeling disconnected from your Sacred Self?

You are never alone. You always have your Sacred Self. Yet most of us have been trained out of even knowing we have one! 

So we may feel hollow at times, especially during losses, or when we are without external distraction.

“Sacred Self” is my term for each person’s inner companion and guidance.

Everyone has one. I am here to help you find or deepen your connection to your true self. 

There has been way too much telling other people what to call their own divinities, or how to live or worship. So I chose the neutral term “Sacred Self”.

You can use whatever term you like.

The point is, your unique relationship with your Sacred Self is the most important relationship in your life.

I Can Help You...

• Enjoy your life more as you connect to your true essence

• Find or more deeply hear the guidance of your Sacred Self

• Develop the relationship between Sacred Self and your sometimes confusing human ego.

• Love yourself more; and therefore love other beings more, and receive more love

• Deepen your Couplehood; explore your joys and challenges from the understanding of each partner’s Sacred Self; and touch the Oversoul of your relationship

Feeling Disconnected from Your Sacred Life Purpose?

It is a great gift of this life that we get to choose where to focus our own sacred life force, time, and attention.

We Can Choose our own Purpose

• What are you here for?

• What is your Sacred Life Purpose?

• Do you know?

• Has it changed?

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Many of us live many different lives in one incarnation, and our Sacred Selves have the whole plan embedded within.

Join me during private sessions, as I help you...

• Find your Sacred Self

• Find your Sacred Purpose(s)

• Live your power, passion, truth, and joy

• Develop your multidimensional perceptions and talents

• Develop the inner partnership between your own Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine

• Establish your own unique “storefront” where people can find you and access your talents if this is a goal for you

• Explore relationship issues from the perspective of the ego/soul dynamic

Peek at what’s “behind” any ongoing life challenges and face your Shadows to discover their gifts

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Need to find your Soul Tribes?

Join us to find like-minded souls, and supercharge your life in one of our Sacred Self Tribes.

What is a Tribe?

Tribes are kindred groups of 5-7 people on Zoom or in person, where we show our Souls and are truly seen, in all our human beauty.

We get and give support as we grow, collectively focused on our power, passion, truth and joy.

How Many tribes are there?
Accessing your Sacred Self Tribes

For those just “feeling into” their own unique divine connection and guidance.

We explore the concepts of mirroring, discernment, meditation, and self as a creator.

Sacred Activist Tribes

For activists processing both the traumas and the fulfillment of grassroots political and environmental activism.

Cathar Ancestors Calling Tribes

For folks who connect with the principles or energies of the Cathars, or are curious about them. They were an early Gnostic group that followed the teachings of Mary Magdalene.

This Tribe is a portal into each person’s unique connection to the Cathar ancestors.

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