Frequently Asked Questions

Why all the White Horses?

Each person has spiritual symbols which hold energy for them. For me, one of them is the White Horse, which means power, gentleness, and wisdom combined.

Meaning, the energy of the perfect integration of sacred masculine and feminine energies.

I encourage you to find and feed your own spiritual symbols.

How much do your services cost?

There are prices listed on each service, and at times I am able to offer some flexibility around those prices.

If we are meant to work together, talk to me and we will see what is possible.

Do you accept health insurance for your fees?

No. Way back, when I began Sacred Self Living in 1995 in New York, there were no specific requirements to accept insurance payments.

That changed, and then I moved to North Carolina so that no longer applies.

This is why I am flexible, when possible, with my rates.

I do qualify for some flexible spending health account reimbursements.

Are your services confidential?

No one will hear from me that we are working together or what we are working on.

You may of course tell people as you wish. As regards the Tribes, you choose what you wish to share with me and others in those settings.

How do I contact you?

Go to my Contact page or email me at kim@sacredselfliving.net.

Can you refer me to other helpers?

Yes. Sometimes my clients want additional forms of support.

I am happy to research and refer to additional practitioners or resources.

Your well-being and your connection to your own Sacred Self is my dearest goal.

What is the Flash Technique?

The Flash Technique (FT) is a recently developed therapeutic intervention for reducing the disturbance associated with traumatic or other distressing memories.

Unlike many conventional trauma therapy interventions, FT is a minimally intrusive option that does not require the client to consciously engage with the traumatic memory.

Using recent brain research, this allows the client to process traumatic memories while feeling minimal distress.

I was trained and certified by Dr. Philip Manfield, the originator.

What is Channeling?

Done with discernment and high intent, channeling is a strong tool for stepping beyond the conditioned human mind to reveal messages, healing, and support from higher realms.

Many of us channel without realizing it.

It can come through music, sound healing, words, and energy work.

Although higher energies have been channeling through me for decades, I obtained formal training from David Cogan Holt.


What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is the conscious use of vibrations to clear the human energy system – like a shower cleanses our bodies.

It makes room for bringing in higher beneficial, supportive energies so we can move toward our next steps in our spiritual and human lives.

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I'm located in Black Mountain, NC. In most cases we can work from anywhere in the world.

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