This is the Great Lesson of Our Time

This is the Great Lesson of Our Time

“Since the time of Christ, through the fall of the Roman Empire, and rise of the Middle Ages, into the modern age, we’ve been undergoing a two-thousand-year shamanic initiation, sinking deeper and deeper into the depths to catalyze a profound awakening we could never have gained had we remained lightly floating above it all.

We’ve been wrenched through convulsions of the deep to shake us out of illusion and SWITCH ON OUR INNER LIGHTS.

We have our work cut out for us, because in the age now completing, humanity lost its ability to draw upon internal resources sufficient to match external pressure.

We got snagged in a modern illusion where existence seems infinitely distant, complex, and bigger than yourself. That makes it easy to believe that the massive problems of our time are too enormous for anyone to fix.

The ancient Greeks started us down this track, but we followed it with a vengeance until we got so lost in the outer that the inner became a vague rumor. If you view the challenges facing the world today from the purely external mindset of the times, you’ll flatten like a flounder.

But the gift of having spawned a completely external existence is that we can release that project now and move on.

When the world ends and you face it without flinching, without diminishing, without succumbing to the Woe-is-me Wrongness of It All, the long-term project of mapping our internal floor becomes the great restoration of our time.

The reason this is so challenging, and why it’s taking so long, is that until you gain a radical love presence, the world hardly looks like any place you’d want to bring the totality of your existence into.

It rather looks like a place you want to hurry up and get through before something grabs you from below and keeps you there. This is a very powerful illusion, which fails to consider one important truth: the main reason the world looks that way is that you haven’t yet brought the enormous transformative force of your full magical presence into it.

You haven’t broken through your own conditioned resistance and come into the heart of the world. You’re still dallying in the shadows, rummaging around the closet without pulling the light cord, so of course, everything looks dark.

As confounding as our current time is, it holds the greatest gift of all, which is a presence so dear that it took two thousand years of pressure to crack it open. You and I are of the generation to hit bottom. That’s why people are walking around with that dazed look.

Yes, things are heavy on planet Earth. We broke out in the sixties, then got lured back into our addiction to illusion. Politics is a joke.

One out of every four children is on food stamps (2012). Precious species are disappearing each day. The rainforest is being splintered into chopsticks. Mass media is a bizarre parody of itself.

But when you get to the bottom and refuse to give in to the pressure, refuse to turn away, condemn, or turn bitter, but instead awaken your full presence in an outrageous act of radical love, you catalyze a soulful force that will not be stopped. You burn with the light of the bright ones.

Once you crack the illusion of you being a minuscule force in a hopelessly gigantic universe and pour out your love in a heartfelt offering to existence, your fuller arrival becomes the antidote to nothing counting.

​Then the world changes because you penetrate through its hypnotic appearance to its fertile inner nature. You consummate your flirtation with existence into full sacred intercourse, which cross-fertilizes both species and births the New Earth right out from under the calcified crust of the old.

This is a great lesson of our time. We’re reclaiming the inner from the outer, turning on every place we’ve turned off inside.”

Ellias Lonsdale, Cosmic Weather Report: Notes from the Edge of the Universe