Sacred Self Told Me to Get Arrested

Sacred Self Told Me to Get Arrested

While you’re listening to your own Sacred Self, whatever you call it, the question is “are you going to do what it says”?

I was incensed in early February when the US Senate let the current White House occupant off the hook during the impeachment trial.

I wasn’t surprised, but I experienced strong Holy Rage, which can be one of the catalyst messages from Sacred Self. I ranted, wept, and meditated. I determined to act when it felt right.

A few days later an opportunity came to do something drastic, to join in an Extinction Rebellion Rally on Valentine’s Day in Asheville, to show our love for the Earth, and light up for the collective consciousness our true climate emergency.

So I volunteered to get arrested. It felt right. It felt like one of a million small things we are Guided to do, to hold the light, to set and strengthen the blueprint for love going forward. Many have done many acts toward love and justice. This was one of mine.