Now is The Time for Your Full Spiritual Sovereignty

Now is The Time for Your Full Spiritual Sovereignty

“Watch this fascinating video of ‘Now Is the Time for Your Full Spiritual Sovereignty.‘   

I was asked to speak/facilitate a session of the Asheville Wisdom Exchange one January night in 2022, and this is what channeled through!  I have been “hearing” from Gnostic groups such as the Cathars and Essenes who are transmitting their energetic help.  Their message is “It’s time to move beyond placing our authority outside of us, whether institutions, governments, churches, or gurus. 

It’s time to take our full Spiritual Sovereignty and authority inside of each of our sacred souls.  This is the evolution of collective human consciousness.  IT’S TIME.”

Sacred Self Activist & Prayer Tribes Coming

Sacred Self Activist & Prayer Tribes Coming

The desecration of the United States capitol on 1/6/2021 is a huge trigger for “we the people” to stand up and express our love for all beings.

It was an attack on democracy, which, while it hasn’t been fully executed, is still the closest blueprint we know to manifest the equality of all beings and “liberty and justice for all”.

Those principles – equality, liberty, and justice for all – are the outward expression of the inner knowing of Oneness, the spiritual concept we all know in our hearts is true.

Each of us is an equal spark of the One Divine force. Whatever you want to call that. There is no spiritual justification for racism, sexism, white supremacy, economic oppression, or any system which treats any being worse than any other.

This is why I have no conflict with “being political.” Some people feel uncomfortable with spiritual folks or institutions expressing their principles in the world of politics.

I am completely comfortable with it. We as human beings have strong emotions and spiritual guidance to help us deal with *all* of life’s challenges, not just apolitical ones.

The picture above is in NYC, where I used to live, on the court building in Brooklyn. It always moved me as a monument to justice.

In addition to being a soul-based counselor and singer, I am a political and social activist. It all fits together for me, and is what my Sacred Self calls me to.

Many other mystics – those who strive to hear their own sacred guidance – are also called to strive for justice in the political arena.

To embody and spread our love for all beings in the Oneness through activism. In addition, I strongly know that prayer is a very powerful form of activism.

The violation of the United States Capitol yesterday, in the name of one man’s greed and fear, blew me into trauma response. I think I am not alone.

I have worked through some of it into activism and what Valerie Kaur calls “divine rage”.

Kaur says,” The aim of Divine rage is not vengeance. The aim of Divine rage is to re-order the world. I believe our task now. . .is to harness our rage; to channel that energy into creative and nonviolent action. “

I have created Sacred Self Activist Tribes to support you who want a container (and company) as you recover, re-group, and channel your feelings into whatever Sacred Activism you are called to.

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I believe and feel that this is a time when we the people have a great deal of power.

By speaking out persistently and confidently we can shape both reality and public perception toward truth and justice. Join me.

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